SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0.0

Software to easily mass delete data and reformat a full SD card

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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SD Memory Card Formatter is an official SDA app to format SD cards in Windows.

SD stands for Secure Digital. The SD Card Association or SDA is a non-profit organization that establishes industry-wide standards for memory cards. It developed this freeware app so that memory card users would have a simple and straightforward way to prepare and refresh their SD cards.

It is worth mentioning that Windows can handle the formatting of SD cards. This is meant to be more accessible for casual users. Additionally, there are times where Windows cannot format a memory card for whatever reason but this app can, so it may be worth trying in those instances.

When you run this program, a small dialog window will appear. Usage is pretty straightforward, but if you need assistance, you can access it via the Help menu at the top. Below that is a combo box labeled Select card. If you have multiple SD card ports and SD cards inserted, then you can choose the particular card that you want to format from that list.

Note that most SD cards come preformatted. However, this app is useful in cases when they do not as well as when you want to reformat either as a simple way to wipe the card clean or because the file structure has become corrupted. This program supports all brands and products that adhere to the SD standard, and that includes the newer SDHC and SDXC versions as well.

SD Memory Card Formatter supports both quick versus full overwrite. Overwrite is what you need for new cards or when a file structure has become corrupted. Quick is faster and convenient when you are using formatting as a delete all. The program also lets you assign a human-friendly volume label, or the program will assign one if you do not.


  • Freeware
  • Works with all SD cards
  • Quick format


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